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9 қаңтар, 1-ші ақпарат хат

First Circular                                                                                                                                    9 January 2014

45th International Physics Olympiad

Astana, Kazakhstan, 13-21 July 2014


Dear colleagues,

Kazakhstan is honored to be the host of the 45th International Physics Olympiad which will take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, between 13 and 21 July 2014. The 45th IPhO will be organized by the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn", a state owned national center dedicated for identifying, further development and promotion of gifted children. The 45th IPHO will be highly supported by the government, specifically through the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan as well as by staff and facilities of Nazarbayev University, a newly built university in Astana initiated by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan to promote education and research activities in Kazakhstan.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 45th IPHO, wehereby have the pleasure of inviting your country to participate in the 45thIPhO and visit us in Astana between 13 and 21 July 2014. TheOrganizing Committee looks forward to welcoming all the participants in this outstanding international competition. It is both agreat honor and a challenge to be hosting an event that gathers young physicists from all over the world. International Physics Olympiad is the most prestigious international competition in physics for the secondary school students with the aim of promoting physics among young people, giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences, encouraging new friendships and future collaborations within the scientific community.

Requirements for Team Participants

According to the IPhO statutes, each national team should comprise up to five students and two leaders. The contestants shall be students of general or technical secondary schools i.e. schools which cannot be considered technical colleges. Students who have finished their school graduating examinations in the year of the competition can be members of the team as long as they have not commenced their university studies. The age of the students should not exceed twenty years, as of 30 June 2014. The delegation leaders must be specialists in physics or physics teachers, capable of solving the problems of the competition competently. Each of them should be able to speak English.

Fees and expenses

All participating countries are asked to contribute with a fee of USD 2,500. The fee will contribute towards accommodation, entertainmentevents and excursion during the official period of the Olympiad. Observers and visitors are welcome, and they are expected to cover their expenses by paying USD 1,400 for visitors and USD 1,200 for observers. Observers may attend all Olympiad meetings, including the meetings of the International Board. However they may not vote or take part in the discussions. Visitors do not attend the meetings of the International Board.

Accommodation and Transportation

Arrangements are made for students to stay at student dormitories and the leaders,visitors and observes will be accommodated in hotels. All the students will be placed in the hostel of Nazarbayev University which is equipped with modern housing accommodations, lecture halls and sport facilities. Both theoretical and experimental examinations will be also held there at Nazarbayev University. The leaders, observers and visitors will be hosted at newly built Park Inn by Radisson Astana Hotel.  All the team leader discussions, moderations and meetings will be held in hotel conference rooms.  Transportation from the airport to the hotel/dormitory and vice versa will be provided by theOrganizing Committee at no additional cost.


The circulars and all information regarding the 45th IPhO can be found on our web site at http://ipho2014.kz which will be updated regularly. You may contact us at:

E-mail: iphokz2014@gmail.com, info@daryn.kz and daryn.intel@gmail.com

Web-site: http://ipho2014.kz/, www.daryn.kz

Phone/Fax: +7 7172 44-53-52

Address: Pobeda Avenue, 16/1

Astana, Kazakhstan, 010011

Preliminary registration

Please find enclosed the document “PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION FORM”. The form should be filled in English and sent as by via e-mail attachment to all three of our email addresses no later than: 1 February 2014. This information is indispensable for us to send you the original letter of invitation to your Minister of Education or equivalent in your country by email, postal or special delivery. In addition, this information is necessary to establish communication with the contact person in your country.

Should you have any inquiry concerning your participation, please contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you in Astana!

Yours sincerely,

45th IPhO Organizing Committee

Астана Павлодар

Астана - новое имя новой столицы Казахстана. Прежнее же название города - Акмола (ранее Акмолинск).

Есть несколько версий происхождения этого названия. Первая гласит, что город Акмола был назван в честь холма из известняка белого цвета. Вторая версия принадлежит византийскому автору Прокопиусу. Он писал в своих трудах, что гунны называли «мола» высокий холм или крепость. И третий вариант: Акмола всегда была главным центром ярмарок рогатого скота, известной изобилием и разнообразием мясомолочных продуктов (кумыс, айран, курт, шубат и т.д.). Следовательно, название города переводится как «белое святое место» или «белое изобилие».

В Казахской Советской энциклопедии написано, что «Акмола – это сооружение из белого камня, над четырехугольными стенами которого воздвигнут купол, напоминающий верхнюю часть юрты или половинку шара. Сверкающий на солнце купол был виден издалека, что и придавало особую красоту берегам реки Есиль». Поэтому название Акмола и стало названием этого края.

Cтепи Акмолы издревле были местом, где встречались различные культуры и цивилизации. В середине первого тысячелетия до н.э историк Геродот упоминал маршрут через Большую Степь (позже Великий Шелковый Путь), который пролегал именно здесь. Караванные пути способствовали расцвету торговли и кустарного промысла в городах, традиционно занятых животноводством и сельским хозяйством.

The closing ceremony of the 45th International Physics Olympiad, Astana, Kazakhstan
The opening ceremony of the 45th International Physics Olympiad, Astana, Kazakhstan
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